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Bird Market, Hong Kong

Chinese carvers have been converting stone to art for centuries

JADE (Nephrite) is an easy mineral to contaminate, in the way that the surface and color strongly can be changed depending on surrounding environment, Burial, etc..Jade was colored artificially for millenniums. Although we never knowingly purchase dyed pieces for resale, since coloring has been done by the Chinese for over 2000 years, it is impossible to tell without ruining the surface IF an item has been colored artificially, or WHEN the artificial color was applied.




Chaldecony Bird on a Bear

Chinese, with stand.

$ 1200.00

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Jade Ming Dynasty Seal Chi Lung

Celadon Jade





18th Century Jade Carving

Lotus Gatherers


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Early Burial Jade

with holes top and bottom.

$ 650.00

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